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Advanced Affiliate Marketing


This knowhow, constitutes nothing but the effective, advanced methodology of Affiliate Marketing.

( One-on-One Coaching ONLY)

New bookings for One-on-One coaching:
From 1st of February 2020

We still have 7 spots available ONLY from 1st of February .

Duration – One month

#  In-person or Skype

# Email or phone correspondence  (we reserve the rights to check on you as much as we need about your progress for the day).

Price $1999   $999 One time payment


Please read details about our coaching program bellow.

Please read before you purchase!

The Advanced Affiliate Marketing Know-How package is for people who wants to establish a successful online business. The course is with ONE MONTH duration (for this time you should be ready to earn a full income online).

IMPORTANT: Due to scammers and lots of “Money back” scamming activities online we  strictly DO NOT offer “Money back guaranty”. We are completely confident in our teaching process and information we offering to our clients. We are selling our information for the fair price of $1999 one time payment. The information and instructions you will get cost much more but in our opinion we can teach people upon this price. If you are lucky to catch a promotional price less the regular $1999 means that for the promotional price you will get exactly the same learning modules as for the regular price.

If you don’t see promo price on this page, you can contact us with request to add you to our “Awaiting Promo” list and as soon as we have one we will notify you immediately. Sometimes can take few months or maybe a year to the next promo, so it is up to you if you want to start straight away or to wait for better price. 

Please bear in mind before you decide to purchase The Advanced Affiliate Marketing Know-How package:

Number ONE and most important:


 DO NOT BE SCARED to start your online activities. There are only one group of people who never fail: the ones who never try and never take action. If you plan to be one of them, please don’t waste your money.
 To get the full benefits of The Advanced Affiliate Marketing Know-How package you MUST follow everything what we discuss during the one month learning period.
Implement all strategies and marketing techniques in your campaigns.
Please note that upon your money you are paying for The Advanced Affiliate Marketing Know-How package and you will get all  information that you need to establish a complete online business and start earning with your computer from any part of the world.
The steps in the learning period are from complete beginner to advanced. It is all depend on you to learn and implement all information for this one month and start earning. It is not difficult at all if you have the desire to achieve this success.

Read bellow all the details (what you will be learning) of our VIP Membership Program

The program, as we said earlier is comprehensive. Thus we start with the very basics and slowly going further with intermediate and advanced techniques.

Please remember that in this month we will concentrate exclusively on start making money.  Once we achieve this we will continue mastering and scaling up in future and for all our VIP members we don’t charge extra. In other words, if you purchase The Advanced Affiliate Marketing Know-How package you become a part of our Digital Marketing society for as long as you wish. No hidden fees and extra payments whatsoever.

In summery, the one month learning includes the following:

 Discussion about what you do best in life and what you want to achieve from your knowledge from a business point of view (part of choosing your niche where you can perform best). We will help you in your choice by combining your knowledge with the best topics and trends online.

 Choosing the right domain name for your business and the best place to purchase it.

Setting up everything needed for your domain name to function as required.

Setting up SSL certificate (free) for you domain.

Choosing the best hosting company where your website will be hosted.

Installing WordPress Content Management System (the easiest for non-techie people to maintain their websites themselves).

Choosing the fastest loading, SEO optimized and fully responsive WordPress theme according to your business needs (paid Pro version but FREE for you).

Installing the most necessary plugins (pieces of code added to your website files to boost functionality).

Optimizing your WordPress dashboard and functionality.

Setting up an autoresponder (starting with free) for your email marketing campaigns.

After all technical stuff is done we will post our first 10 blog posts (we supply you with 10 articles in your corresponding niche*). There will be a free (normally paid) copy-writing course for all members who want to master their writing skills and run a successful blog or do freelancing copy-writing jobs.

Learning how to create (step-by-step) your landing and sales pages for free. Those are web pages where you collect email addresses from subscribers or sell a product. The look and the copy should be convincing, thus engineered in the right way without being spammy.

Setting up and running your social media accounts in a professional way so you build up authority in your field and trigger social media interaction and engagement. 

Choosing a product from list of affiliate platforms and websites including ones that are not very popular and not many marketers know about or they don’t reveal them to their audience.

Learning the best free methods to promote a product and the best paid advertising platforms including the ones that accept adult content for advertising.

Learn how to build an authority and raise above the crowd.

 Learn how to build your own social media platform (like Facebook) with possibilities to run your own ads or get fees from the ads of your users (same as Facebook does).

Learn how to build eCommerce website for your own or affiliate products (or both).

Learn how to drive traffic to your products.

Learn how to create your own products in your niche.

Learn how to publish your posts in different versions for best Google indexing.

Learn how to squeeze as many subscribers as you can from every single post you have on your blog.

PLEASE NOTE: Everything what we discuss above we will teach you to do it yourself and you won’t need any codding or programing knowledge. It might sound scary for you but you can learn to do this in one month.

Now, after we’ve learned the basics you should be able to generate sales of a product which means that you are ready to scale up your business by implementing advanced marketing strategies.

This includes: SEO (search engine optimization), Backlinks building, growing and scaling up your list building (a process that starts with the basics), how to leverage the different social medias according to your niche, how to set up your website for automatic Google indexing for each post on your blog/website, advanced tracking and analytics, how to create webinars that don’t chase your visitors after 10 minutes of watching (what is normally happening in today’s webinars). 

The methods for our communications:

# Email

# Skype



# In person

Please note: In person meetings and sessions out of Johannesburg, South Africa (even overseas) we require additional planning and you have to contact us for details and custom quotation.

If you require custom in-person one month teaching with up to 6 hours a day sessions with assigned teacher who will work only with you, please contact us to get the available month and custom quotation.