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Video Focus 

Premium Wordpress Video Plugin
(with Master Resale Rights option)
This plugin increase conversions by 380%
(the same that FB is using for sticky videos)

Limited Time Offer
$19 (Normal Price $29)

  • SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT - The plugin is social-friendly, with the abilities to share the video content with one click or sell the product promoted in the video with a Buy Now button placed under the video! Try it now!
  • UX FLEXIBILITY - When visitor scroll the page down, the video is moving in one of the corners, top or bottom, depend of how you set it up, and keep the visitor focused in the video content  Try it now!
  • EFFECTIVNESS - Keeping the visitor focused on the video content is a powerful feature. While visitors browsing the page they never loose from sight and back of their minds the message from the video.  Try it now!
  • SOCIAL PROVE - Tested for effectivness and used by a social media giant proves that the plugin is doing the job for which has been created. 

Video Focus Premium Wordpress Plugin

For a limited time you have the opportunity to get this plugin for the redused price of $19 instead of the normal price of $29

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