Do you know where to find the fastest loading WordPress theme? (FREE and paid versions available)

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Perhaps you already know that the Google requirement for page speed loading is under 3 seconds for best SEO and page ranking. And what about even faster page loading? Yes, it is not only possible but is extremely easy to achieve. How? With this simple and really easy to install WordPress theme

Please note that my blog is built on the same theme. Browse around and pay attention to the speed.

 Pre-sale Questions

Can I use a theme on more than one site?

The license grants you the rights to use the product on up to five website/domain owned by you. If you want to use it on more than five websites, you will need to purchase a separate license.

Can I customize the theme?

All themes contain an easy to use options panel that allows you to customize all the theme features without touching a single line of code. You are free to make code changes or design changes to the theme files at your own risk. Please note that we will not be responsible for issues that arise after changes to the theme code. Support for themes with a custom code will be limited for obvious reasons.

Membership plan owners also get access to the theme’s Photoshop PSD files which can be customized and used without attribution.

Will the themes & plugins work with third-party plugins?

Our products follow WordPress’s standard code practices which make them secure and compatible with majority third-party plugins. If you face any plugin related issues with our theme or plugins, we would be happy to support and resolve your issues. However, we cannot provide support if the problem lies with a third-party plugin or a theme.

Which browsers are supported by our themes?

Our themes are tested thoroughly on all the latest browsers including, but not limited to, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Our themes are also designed with fallback support so that they work as intended even on older browsers. However, we recommend testing the demos of our products on your intended browsers before purchasing.

How often are themes & plugins updated?

Theme & plugin updates depend on many factors. Security updates and critical bugs are fixed as soon as possible. Updates that improve our theme/plugin framework and bring new features are made available frequently.

What are the hosting/server requirements for our themes?

Our themes work with all hosts that support WordPress. To ensure the best performance from our themes, make sure that your host supports the latest version of WordPress, MySQL 5 or higher, and PHP5.4 or higher. 

Do the themes work with WordPress Multisite?

Yes, our themes are Multisite-compatible.

Are the themes and plugins translation-ready?

Yes, our themes and plugins are fully translatable. Many products are also compatible with WMPL. You can use our free translation plugin to translate our products.

Do you include Photoshop PSDs with your themes?

Single theme purchases do not come with the design PSD files. However, membership plan subscribers do get PSD files of the themes. In both cases, the theme colours and some design features can be changed from the theme control panel itself.

What Are The Limitations on Items Purchased Through our ThemeForest Profile?

We have stopped selling through ThemeForest, and all our products are now sold exclusively through our website.

Do our themes work with or hosted WordPress has many limitations. Unfortunately, our themes will not work with based websites unless you are on a Business plan which offers. It’s recommended that you use a self-hosted WordPress installation to use our themes. 

What payment options do you support?

You can pay for any of our product through PayPal, Credit Cards, and International Debit Cards.