My primary goal is to deliver quality content to my visitors.

I would be grateful to have you contributing with your skills and expertise.
Your work will be rewarded with full credit and disclosure after approval. I
allow one valuable “dofollow” link in return for your work.

Getting Started

This guideline will provide you with everything you need to know to get
started with your article.

What kind of articles does Advanced Marketing Lab publish?
Topics are strictly based around marketing.

Topics include: SEO, freelancing, social media, content marketing, web design,
UX/UI, affiliate marketing, productivity, creativity, self improvement,
business, leadership, advertising.

I am open to tutorials, opinion articles, tips, resources, ultimate guides,
case studies and any ideas you might have.

What do I require from contributors?

For me to approve your article, I require that:

Your article is original and not published anywhere else (now or in the
You will be open to my feedback to improve the article

You provide the article via Google Docs.

Content must be at least 800 Words, but any longer form content is preferred.
Please structure the article with headlines, sub headlines, short paragraphs,
bullet points and quotes if applicable. HTML format is preferred but not
You provide supporting imagery at 1024 px wide. Every article must have
supporting imagery or it won’t be posted.

Images must be sent separately in a zip and not embedded in a document.

You must include a text file document in which you declare that you are allowed and have the full rights to use all the
imagery for your article. Please provide alt tags for the images.

Please note that I do not accept all posts. Typical posting times range from
5-10 days. A rush fee of $50 is available to get it up within 2 days. Based on
our good relationship and consistent contributing of quality content from your
side, eventually your articles will start getting posted with priority in 2
days without additional charge.

What does it cost to be our contributor?

Guest posting for my blog is FREE.
Please note, if you would like to feature in our articles but you don’t have
the time for writing, we can do it for $89.

How we prepare our articles and what will you get from them if you decide to get
featured in our articles?

Creating great content is a two-way process:

I will include one do follow link in our article.
My editor will proof the article and upload images
I will write my article for my audience, check grammar & spelling
I will create a cover photo and add extra imagery to improve the article
I will optimize your post for search engines
I will give you a byline biography at the end of the article as a contributor
to the article, so readers can find out more about you and your service.
I will promote my article on social media, and often to my email subscriber list

The process

Submit outline: Send me a list of your article ideas via my contact form,
ideally with a short outline on each. Send URLs of at least 2 other articles
you’ve written. Please note, that this you do once-off before you get approved
as a contributor for Advanced Marketing Lab.

If you just starting and we will be your first guest blogging site, is fine
but you must let us know. We just might need more time to study and evaluate
your first work submitted to us.


I will choose the most suitable idea based on your suggestions.
You write the post and send it to me for review.


I will get back to you with revision requests.
Resubmit final draft: You revise your article as advised.


I will let you know when your article is scheduled to be published.
Once it goes live, you will be contacted. I would love you to share your
article on social media too.


I don’t publish press releases or any other public relations (PR) content.
I don’t have any hidden advertisements. All advertisements are marked as such.
I don’t accept any direct affiliate links.
I do not link to gambling or dating websites. Links should ideally be
marketing focused.

If you want to use any of the paid options mentioned in this guide you can
find payment options in our Shop under “Contributors” category.